Alder Hills Policies and Protocol.

DRESS CODE. The dress code at Alder hills is as follows: Denim is allowed and shirts with sleeves are required. Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times when on the premises.

 SOFT SPIKES only may be worn.

BEVERAGES. Outside alcohol is NOT PERMITTED and if seen will be confiscated. The club house is licensed and your beverage needs can be catered for there.

EQUIPMENT. Every player must have their own golf bag and set of clubs.

PACE OF PLAY. We ask that when playing you hit when ready and that you keep up to the group in front of you at all times. If you are playing slower than the group behind then please allow them to play through. This will ensure an enjoyable day for all our guests.

POWER CARTS. These are available on request for patrons 55 years or older, or for those that are physically unable to walk the course. Please let the Clubhouse know when you book your tee time if you require a powercart.

STROLLERS.No Strollers on the course please.